Someone Is Lying to West Dallas Home-Buyers, But It Might Not Be Khraish Khraish


Roberto Barahona and his daughter, Emeline.

The worst accusation against West Dallas landlord Khraish Khraish is that he took advantage of poor people who don’t speak English and tricked them into one-sided financial deals. If that’s true, he should be brought to justice. But what if his accusers are the ones bamboozling poor non-English speakers?

A federal lawsuit brought against Khraish last week by two nonprofit legal aid groups claims Khraish violated state and federal law by cheating people “in the context of credit and residential real-estate transactions on the basis of their membership in a protected class.”

Let’s put the “protected class” part — minorities, old people, etc. — aside for now and agree to argue over it another day. The lawsuit lays out a list of ways in which it says Khraish conned the people he sold homes to, mainly by failing to disclose the details and true nature of the sales contracts he signed with them. (For details on how Khraish went from being a landlord — or slumlord, as the city called him, see Monday’s story.)

A federal lawsuit against Khraish Khraish (right) claims he failed to give Julian Campos documents after a real estate closing, but Khraish says this is a photo of Campos with his closing documents. The closing also was videotaped.
Ana and Roberto Barahona with what Khraish says are their closing documents.

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